Putting Value into Property Management

Property investors, do you ever wish that managing your investment was more profitable and less stressful?
Find out here how that's possible.

Have you considered how much indecisiveness could be costing you?

It’s vital that a property manager takes immediate, decisive action when any issues arise… wherever they are.

14th October 2012

We’ve already looked at the importance of being a good manager and gaining respect when you’re managing a property. There’s another vital ingredient in effective property management: and that is, to be decisive. To look at why being decisive is …

Speak softly and carry a big stick: achieving firm and respectful outcomes in property management

Theodore Roosevelt’s ideology of “speak softly and carry a big” stick achieves respectful outcomes in property management.

1st October 2012

Theodore Roosevelt underwent a prolonged political battle while he was Governor of New York, but eventually came out to be the winner. He attributed his success to a West African proverb that teaches, “Speak softly and carry a big stick; …

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