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Letting a property

Taking the next step to letting a property is easy... just contact us!

Taking the next step to letting a property is easy… just contact us!

Letting a property with Bridgman Property Management is easy. Just contact us with your:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Address of the property

… We’ll take it from there, and will discuss your needs.

Here’s how you can contact us:

Email: barry@bridgmanpm.co.nz
Phone: 09 638 9415
Mobile: 027 475 9735

Want to go ahead with letting a property with Bridgman Property Management?

Once you’re ready, we’ll both sign a Management Agreement to formalise matters.

Availability of real estate management services

Note: Bridgman Property Management offers an exclusive real estate management service, meaning that we only manage a maximum of 60 properties at a time. And we only manage properties located in the Central Auckland Suburbs.

Already have a Property Manager – but want to switch?

If you’ve already got a real estate management company but wish to switch to Bridgman Property Management, it’s easy.

Barry Bridgman is here to help you with your property management needs

Barry Bridgman is here to help you with your property management needs.

First of all, contact us to make sure that we’re taking on new properties (we only manage a maximum of 60 at a time to offer you the best possible service).

Then once we’ve got the Agreement sorted, we’ll give you a Transfer of Management form. All you need to do is check that the details are correct, sign it, and return it to Bridgman Property Management… and breathe a sigh of relief! We’ll then take care of all the admin, such as mailing a copy of the form to your current Property Manager, and obtaining Bond details, etc.

We’ll take care of everything else, as we believe that letting a property and managing it should be hassle-free for you!

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Barry Bridgman, NZCE
Director and Property Manager
Bridgman Property Management Limited

Email: barry@bridgmanpm.co.nz
Phone: 09 638 9415
Mobile: 027 475 9735

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