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Property management services in Auckland

Property management services in Auckland

Relax! Our comprehensive property management services mean you have all the information you need at your fingertips, at any time.

As your Auckland Property Manager, we’ll take on all of your legal obligations as a landlord. To keep your property investment running smoothly for you, we’ll take care of everything from start to finish. Here are the property management services we can help you with:


Unless specified otherwise, all of these property management services are covered by our 8.0% plus GST management fee.

Bridgman Property Management’s services are available in the central Auckland suburbs shaded in the map below, with the exception of Auckland CBD and Viaduct Harbour.

Advertising your Auckland property

Property management services are available in the central Auckland suburbs, with the exception of Auckland CBD and Viaduct Harbour.

Property management services are available in the central Auckland suburbs, with the exception of Auckland CBD and Viaduct Harbour.

When you list your property with us, the very first step of our property management services is to find a tenant for you. We do this by:

  • Photography: we’ll take photos of your property in order to advertise it.
  • TradeMe listing: TradeMe is by far the most effective way to find tenants in New Zealand, so we’ll organise the listing for your property right away.
  • Property signage: A “For Let” sign will be placed outside the property.
  • Website listing: Your property will also be listed on this website.

You’ll be invoiced for these advertising expenses at cost price: there are no mark-ups or other charges for our time, it’s all covered by the property management fee.

Establishing market rent

Establishing the correct market rentis a very important early step in our property services to you, and a good amount of research goes into getting this right.

Bridgman Property Management draws on a number of information sources in order to determine market rent, such as:

  • Market knowledge of the Auckland suburbs
  • Researching rental levels of other properties in the area
  • Viewing market rent information on the Department of Building and Housing website.

This work is undertaken exclusively for clients who assign their property management to us; it is not available as a stand-alone service.

Tenant selection

Choosing the right tenant is a vital part of our property management services. The goal is to find a long-term tenant for your property as these people generally cause less damage and wear and tear, as they tend to look after the property with respect.

To find the best tenant we’ll:

  • Check tenancy application forms carefully: to ensure that the prospective tenant has given all the information required.
  • Check references: this is vital for finding a tenant who will treat your property with care – and who’ll pay the rent on time.
  • Check ID: confirm prospective tenants’ ID and obtain a photocopy of their driver’s licence.
  • Credit checks : to help ensure that they will be able to pay the rent on time.
  • Check Tenancy Tribunal Cases: for orders associated with previous tenancies.
  • Tenancy Agreement : is drawn up, to comply with NZ law.
  • Collect 4 weeks bond: this protects your property. Bonds are then lodged with the Department of Building and Housing, as required by New Zealand law.

Rent collection

This is the core of property management services, and it’s an important job!

While there are other real estate property management companies that promise zero tolerance on late payments, the difference is that Bridgman Property Management will make contact with the tenant within 24 hoursand personally visit them, if required, to collect the outstanding rent. We’re one of the very few property management companies which operate an in-house collections service.

From experience, we’ve learnt that when a tenant knows that the landlord will visit them to collect the rent, then payment problems tend not to arise. To date, this means that in our 25 years of managing rental properties, we’ve never once had a rent default.

Property inventory and condition report

It’s important that your property and chattels don’t deteriorate excessively, other than through normal wear and tear.

So before the tenant moves into the property, we’ll draw up a report listing all aspects of the property, inside and outside, with notes as to the condition of each. Photographic records will also be taken.

This inventory then forms the basis of all future property inspections.

You can access the inventory and photographic records at any time by logging in.

Property inspections with photographic records

Property inspections will be undertaken every 4 months. In addition, grounds maintenance checks will take place every month to ensure that contractors’ maintenance work is up to standard.

You can see these property inspection reports and photographic records at any time by logging in.

Rent reviews

An important aspect of keeping your investment property as profitable as possible is to ensure that you’re receiving as much in rent as the market conditions allow.

Therefore the market rent will be reviewed every 6 months; this is the maximum frequency allowed under the Residential Tenancies Act. The legal process for rent reviews will be followed by Bridgman Property Management.

Annual property maintenance

To keep your property in top-top condition, it’ll need services such as:

  • Gardening: lawn mowing, weeding, hedge trimming, shrub and tree pruning.
  • Exterior chemical washing of the property.
  • Water blasting of decks, paths and driveway.
  • Gutter clearing.

We’ll agree with you what’s needed, and will arrange it for you. There’s no mark-up; this work is covered by our management fee.

The Annual Property Maintenance Report is written by an independent building inspector – and is FREE for Bridgman Property Management clients.

The Annual Property Maintenance Report is written by an independent building inspector – and is FREE for Bridgman Property Management clients.

FREE Annual Property Maintenance Report

Our property management services are about keeping your properties in top condition.

To ensure that your asset is well protected, an experienced building inspector examines the interior and exterior of your property every year – for free.

This Report is completed for all our client’s properties every year – and we’re the first property management company in the country to offer this as part of our property services at no additional cost. It’s all included in the management fee.

You can read more about the Annual Property Maintenance Report here.

Managing repairs and maintenance

You don’t pay us a mark-up or commission for maintenance work to the value of $3,000; it’s covered by our management fee. Our service to you includes:

(a) double-checking the tenant’s request: we’ll visit the property to see what repairs are needed – and we’ll also check that it’s genuine wear and tear or damage caused by the tenant; and

(b) supervising the work done by tradesmen, to ensure it’s of an appropriate standard. (And it’s also another opportunity for us to check that everything else is OK at your property.)

Hint: Mark-ups on repairs and maintenance are commonly charged by other Property Managers – but can quickly erode your profitability on your property.

For repair work up to the value of $600 plus GST, we’ll organise that for you automatically. If the repair work is more than that, we’ll need your approval before we go ahead with it.

Project managing larger projects on your investment property

Does your property need some work done on it? For example,a complete renovation project or simply upgrading a bathroom, kitchen or flooring?

Barry Bridgman at Bridgman Property Management will project manage such work. He has 25 years’ experience in engineering consulting and construction, as well as undertaking numerous maintenance and renovation projects for his own investments, and on behalf of Body Corporates. So when you engage Barry Bridgman as your project manager, you’re engaging a highly-qualified and experienced expert.

For all work above $3,000 in value the project management fee is 8% plus GST, which includes us visiting the property daily to check and supervise the work.

End of year financials forwarded to your accountant

The aim is to make your investment property ownership as hassle-free as possible – and that includes forwarding all the financial data to your accountant at the end of the tax year.

Mediation and Tenancy Tribunals

Mediation and Tenancy Tribunal hearings take place when there are serious problems with a tenancy. At Bridgman Property Management, we see it as our job to make sure these problems don’t arise in the first place.

We’d rather take a proactive approach to managing rentals and tenancies, and work closely with tenants to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Bridgman Property Management will represent you at Mediation and Tenancy Tribunal hearings if the need arises.

See all your information online, any time

You can log in at any time to see your property inspection reports, records and photos and also your account statements.

On call, 24/7

Property management doesn’t sleep! We’re on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to deal with those after-hour emergencies, to minimise any damage to your property.

As your Property Manager, we’ll do everything from selecting tenants; conducting background checks; property inspections every 4 months… and that’s all included in the management fee, there are no extra fees on top of this. Best of all, you have online access to your account statements, inspection reports and property photos.

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