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Save time on your internet advertising with these easy techniques

1st November 2012
Promoting your rental property on the internet is cheap, easy and highly effective. Here’s how you too can find your A1 tenant online.

Promoting your rental property on the internet is cheap, easy and highly effective. Here’s how you too can find your A1 tenant online.

There’s no doubt about it: the internet is the best thing since sliced bread for advertising rental properties.

Why is the internet so good for advertising rental properties? It’s because:

  • All prospective tenants look for rental properties online.
  • The landlord can change the ad as much as desired – and in real time, with updates going live straight away.
  • There’s no cut-off time for placing advertisements as there is with newspapers.
  • Everything’s available at your fingertips, be it from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone.
  • The ad goes live straight away! You can place an ad on TradeMe at 11pm on a Friday night, and instantly have six interested parties viewing it.

These sorts of benefits of internet advertising are well-known. But many landlords aren’t using internet advertising to its best advantage. Either the way they create their online ads is time-consuming and cumbersome, or the ad itself isn’t geared up to finding an A1 tenant.

Where should you advertise your property online?

Currently TradeMe is the ideal place for advertising rental properties in Auckland. In time that may be change, but for now TradeMe can work very well indeed – provided you do it correctly.

Here are two easy things that’ll help you find the best tenant online – AND save you time.

1. Finding that A1 tenant online

An A1 tenant is attracted to a property that’s well-maintained and attractive.

Therefore it makes sense that this A1 tenant will be looking online to find well-presented properties – and that’s where the promotional photography comes in.

Remember, your tenant is judging your property solely on what they see in front of them. The human eye works in such a way that the photographs will get noticed long before the text will get read, so the photography needs to be professional and enticing to draw them in.

Here are some tips on how to obtain these professional and enticing photographs:

  • Engage a professional photographer to take the shots. Yes, it really does make a difference when you engage a professional photographer. Remember, the more enticing the property looks, the easier it will be to find the A1 tenant who will happily pay market rent. The investment in photography will soon pay for itself.
  • Ensure the property looks its best. Time the photo shoot so that it coincides with a garden tidy-up, and maybe even after a renovation project.
  • Home staging: A stylish property is more desirable than an ugly or empty property, so consider using a home staging company for the photo shoot. You may only need a few items of staged furniture to achieve the desired result.
  • Exterior and interior photos: Make sure that the photographer is briefed to take a good selection of interior and exterior photographs of the property, and use a selection of these in your online ad.

… in short, do it once and do it right!

Once you have a good set of photos, store them so that you can re-use them time and time again. Setting up your computer’s filing system so you can easily locate the photographs will make it so much quicker and easier to upload them to your TradeMe listing.

2. Save time with a script

As you’ve discovered, the first thing a prospective tenant will notice online is the photography. If they like the look of that, then they’ll start reading the text of your online ad.

The ad needs to be well-written, and free of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors: most A1 tenants will quickly pick up on such mistakes. Also, make sure that the ad tells them everything they need to know about the property to entice them to contact you.

Rather than getting writer’s block each time you have to list a property, have a well-written script saved on your computer so it’s ready to go. That way, you’ll have all the details for your online ad at your fingertips as soon as a tenant gives notice.

The result? The sooner you can put up a great online ad, the sooner you will start attracting that A1 tenant.



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