Putting Value into Property Management

Property investors, do you ever wish that managing your investment was more profitable and less stressful?
Find out here how that's possible.

Are you using this simple technique to filter out undesirable tenants?

Why it’s important that your prospective tenant pays four weeks bond and two weeks rent in advance, in cash.

14th February 2013

The atmosphere in the board room is tense. While the conversation’s flowing, the stakes are high for both people sat in the room: the employer, and the job applicant. The job applicant will say whatever he can to get the …

The truth about property management Trust Accounts

Trust accounts don’t offer as much security as most property owners think. Here’s the low-down on what you need to watch out for.

16th May 2012

Like many property management companies, Bridgman Property Management operates a trust account for holding client funds and also undertakes independent annual auditing of this trust account. In fact, you’ll often hear it in a sales pitch from property management companies …

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