Putting Value into Property Management

Property investors, do you ever wish that managing your investment was more profitable and less stressful?
Find out here how that's possible.

Discover one of the most important parts of your property management paper trail…

A comprehensive paper trail is vital in property management: it means that whoever takes over when your property manager is on leave has all the info at their fingertips.

1st September 2013

Newsflash: Property Managers are human too! That means that, just like the rest of us, they like to have a holiday. Or sometimes they might get sick. So what’ll happen to your property if your manager’s away at inspection time? …

Is your property manager taking shortcuts with property inspections?

Did you know that some property managers outsource Property Inspections to students and retirees? Make sure you ask any prospective property manager as to who carries out the inspections.

1st June 2013

OK, so a super-detailed Property Inspection Report can save you money and hassle… but let’s face it, it’s not exactly a fun task. Writing a detailed Property Inspection Report takes a huge amount of time. It’s not exactly a 15-minute …

Was that wine stain really on the carpet before? Are you sure?

How should a Property Inspection Report deal with a wine stain? Find out how to nip these kinds of issues in the bud – without being out of pocket.

14th January 2013

So far you’ve learnt that a detailed Property Inspection Report helps to set the tone of the relationship with your tenant – and you’ve had a glimpse of what makes a good, detailed Report. What you may not know is …

Why a vague Property Inspection Report is costing you money

Beware! A checklist approach to Property Inspection Reports can cost you dearly!

1st January 2013

The previous post on standard-setting has given you hints that not all Property Inspection Reports are created equal. But what’s the difference between a “good” Report and a “bad” Report? How are you meant to know – especially if you’ve …

How to get your tenants to respect you – and your property

If you can get your tenants to respect you from Day One, chances are they’ll respect your property too. Here’s how to set a high standard in property management that’ll command respect.

14th September 2012

There’s no doubt about it: first impressions do matter. Even when you were a kid at school, it took you mere moments to realise that you had to put on your best behaviour for the strict, suit-clad English teacher… whereas …

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