Putting Value into Property Management

Property investors, do you ever wish that managing your investment was more profitable and less stressful?
Find out here how that's possible.

The #1 rent review fallacy

If you keep your rent at the market rate, you’ll always attract a good tenant pool and you’ll meet your long-term investment goals.

1st August 2012

“If I keep my rent under the market value, I am more likely to secure a good tenant and they will stay for longer.” This has to be the most over-worked and untrue statement used when property owners and property …

Do you treat property investment as a business – or as a hobby?

If you’re serious about making money from property investment, it’s vital that you run it like a business. Here’s a guide to help you get started.

4th July 2012

If someone were to ask you to picture a well-run business, what would you see in your mind’s eye? Amongst other things, you could be imagining people on the phone and at computers making deals. Accountants keeping an eye on …

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