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Mediation and tenancy tribunal

Rather than resort to mediation and tenancy tribunals, we’d rather work with you to make sure your tenancy is a happy one.

Rather than resort to mediation and tenancy tribunals, we’d rather work with you to make sure your tenancy is a happy one.

Mediation and Tenancy Tribunal hearings take place when there are serious problems with a tenancy. At Bridgman Property Management, we see it as our job to make sure these problems don’t arise in the first place. We’d rather take a proactive approach to managing rentals and tenancies, and work closely with tenants to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

What to do if there are problems with the tenancy

Step 1: Talk to Bridgman Property Management

If you have any issues or unhappy with any aspect of your rental, please talk to us first of all so we can put it right. It’s in everyone’s best interests to sort out any issues early on, so please communicate openly with us.

You can find our contact details here – and remember, we’re here to help with emergencies 24/7.

Step 2: Mediation

Both landlords and tenants can apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for mediation, whereby an impartial person works with the parties involved to find a solution to their problem.

At mediation, each person has an opportunity to discuss the problems from their point of view. The mediator then suggests ways in which the problem could be solved so that the outcome is beneficial for everyone involved.

The mediator can’t make a decision on behalf of the people involved; they help people come to their own agreement. And if an agreement is reached, it’s legally binding for both parties.

Step 3: Tenancy Tribunal

Sometimes mediation isn’t enough to reach agreement, in which case the dispute then goes to a Tenancy Tribunal hearing. This is a special court dedicated to dealing with problems between landlords and tenants. Usually Mediation must take place first; only those disputes which can’t be resolved by the mediator will go to Tenancy Tribunal.

At the Tenancy Tribunal, a tenancy adjudicator oversees the case, with all the relevant parties being able to make their case. Witnesses may also speak, and any relevant evidence can be presented.

The decision made by the adjudicator is legally-binding for both parties.

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