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What to do if the property needs repairs or maintenance

Find out what to do if the rental property needs repairs or maintenance.

Find out what to do if the rental property needs repairs or maintenance.

General repairs and maintenance

It’s normal for properties to sustain wear and tear over time. If anything needs repair or maintenance work, please contact us in writing with details of what needs fixing. Tenants can request repairs online by logging in to our property management system.

We’ll then organise for this work to be completed as quickly as possible – and we’ll also check to make sure that the tradesmen do a quality job.

Urgent problems

Sometimes emergencies do happen… and if there’s an urgent matter requiring attention at your property that’s managed by Bridgman Property Management, you can call us on 027 475 9735 at any time, 24/7.

Tips for tenants

  • Non-urgent repair work: contact us in writing to arrange regular repairs and maintenance work.
  • Emergencies: call us on 027 475 9735 at any time, 24/7, for urgent matters.
  • Get your bond back: at the end of your tenancy, the condition of the property and chattels will be checked against the initial Property Inspection Report. If anything has broken or become damaged in the meantime, it needs to be repaired or replaced – that’s why it’s important that you tell us if anything needs attention. Although fair wear and tear is allowed for, any damage beyond that could mean that you risk losing your bond. So it’s in everyone’s best interests to keep the property in tip-top condition all the time.
  • Do NOT arrange your own repairs: you won’t receive a refund for any repairs you arrange yourself, and if the repairs are of poor quality you could be liable for any damage caused by them or for rectifying any substandard work. So call Bridgman Property Management, and we’ll get it organised for you, so you don’t have that hassle.
  • Do NOT make repairs yourself: it’s important that any repairs are made by qualified tradesmen, so please contact us in writing to arrange this.
  • What if I’ve damaged something? You must tell Bridgman Property Management as soon as possible about any damage or anything that needs to be fixed. In the case of damage, you’d need to pay for any repair associated with damage that you or your visitors may have caused on purpose or by being careless.

We’ll organise quotes for such work, and will advise you of the repair work necessary and the cost. You’d be expected to pay for the repair work before the tradesman is appointed. A programme of work will be agreed with the contractor and yourself.

Bridgman Property Management coordinates all the repair work so that you’re not inconvenienced by it too much.

If you need to pay for any damage, you have the option of paying this with your credit card. There is an additional credit card fee for this service.

What happens if there are problems with my tenancy?

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